§  Technology: text message, mobile, Seine, technology, international school, prize, article, microphone, webcam, loudspeakers, headphone, laptop, pen drive, keyboard, chatting, high technology, electronic white board, keyring
§  Comunicación: communicate, communication, in person
§  Vocabulario en la story: archaeologist, Sun Stone, cloth, calendar, Maths system, story characters
§  Otras palabras: hear the future call, especially, some just play, press the button, find someone who …
§  Repaso: asignaturas escolares, la hora, días de la semana, adjetivos, how often, how many, weigh, screen, prefer, Internet, invention


§  Teatro: audition, Beastly Tales, beast, a play, a part (in a play), actor, act
§  Mitos y leyendas: countries, heroes, myths, real, Griffin, claw, eagle, nest, unicorn, horn, Harpies, sirens, dragon, lizard, scales, breathe, centaur, mermaid, feather, phoenix, fleece, adventure, legend, was born, believe in, mythology, mammal
§  Aventura: pirate, treasure, spots and stripes, explain, prize, string
§  Ficción: sword, fact, fiction, imaginary, quest, challenges, knights
§  Otras palabras: The Lion King, tortoise, island, rock, life, Gerald Durrell, Ulysses, Achilles, part, half, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Jason, Argonauts, Orpheus, Sphinx, Thebes, Sophocles, Icarus, Daedalus, Minos, Crete, Minotaur, Ariadne, Quetzalcoatl, a job to do, Morse code, Pelias to protect, Chiron, King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Hua Mu Lan, China, Mulan, Aegeus, Minotaur, meet up, laptop, a slide show, a presentation, a centaur, attic, Wish us luck!, to lose a boyfriend, guys, give out information, talking face-to-face, you should be careful, legend, myth, keep, folder, dynamite, crystal
Repaso: animales, nombres de personajes, partículas interrogativas, film, cinema, restaurant, funny, enjoy, partes del cuerpo de los animales, beasts and animals, myth, legend, hero, mythical beasts, steal, labyrinth, sail, bull


§  Espacio: rocket, stars, NASA, solar satellite, moon, spaceships, spaceplanes, planet Earth, pilot, space, air, earth, moon, astronaut, ESA, MIR, space station, orbit, telescope, solar panel, spacesuit, planet, solar system, gases, dwarf, speed, spin, daytime, facing the sun
§  Transporte: bike, bicycle, transport, carplane, car wash
§  Conectores: as, when, because, then, after that, before
§  Profesiones: engineer, businessman, tourist
§  Otras palabras: I’m sure, armchair, map, be careful, a cross between … and …, made of, wish, cost, too expensive, surname, riddle, pill, measure, months, the last call, The Pleiades, Teotihuacaan, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Ceres, Eris, planetary year
§  Repaso: transporte, nombre de personajes, futuro, photos

REVIEW -1 - 2
§  Vocabulario de las Unidades 1 y 2
§  Pronunciación: syllable timing, elision, wanna, gonna, gimme, ‘bout, d’y, labyrinth
§  Contracciones: ‘d, gonna, where’ll, ‘n’, gotta, what’ll, gimme, wanna, ‘e, ‘er, ‘em, y’
§  False friends: save, guard, carpet
§  Otras palabras: always travel clockwise, fuel, launch
§  Lenguaje procedimental, lenguaje lúdico, instrucciones


§  Campo: countryside, outdoors, catch fire, cave, What an adventure!
§  Aventuras y expediciones: compass points: north, south, east, west; explorer, journey, expedition, Pole, Antarctica, rucksack, tent, sledge, sleeping bag, camp, torch, flashlight, European, Europe, Sri Lanka, suitcase, camping
§  Arte paisajístico: landscape art, artist, 18th century, copy, nature, outside, studio, Impressionists, style, brush, popular, mill, material, wax, crayons, brush strokes, tone, sunlight
§  Historia: pyramid, sign, canal, protect
§  Viajes: travel, trip, journey, campsite, sleeping bag, hot-water bottle
§  Otras palabras: nowhere else to go, look all about, Marco Polo, Ranulph Fiennes, Christopher Columbus, Gobi Desert, Guinness Book of Records, straight past, Vincent Van Gogh, John Constable, Turner, Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Gauguin.
§  Repaso: when, rock, hill, happen, Word, river, bridge, adventure, hole, countryside, verbos de acción, adjetivos, descripciones, medios de transporte, tiempo atmosférico, hobbies, actividades


§  Cantidades: enough, not enough, too much, too many, a little
§  Cocina y alimentos: cookery, Tarte Tatin, base, dish, chopsticks, butter, biscuit, jam, snack, pan, sauce, popcorn, macaroni, sushi, paella, seafood, peanut butter, cookies, corn, recipe, ingredients, instructions, garlic, break, heat, mix, cut, yoghourt
§  Microorganismos: micro-organism, microscope, bacteria, fungus, mould, yeast, tips, goat, lump, rennet, made from, cloth, whisk, UHT, pasteurised, pasteurisation, Salmonella, carton
§  Otras palabras: set the table, survey, lift, poem, international party, symbol, velvet, vest, vain, lake
§  Repaso: adjetivos, alimentos y comidas, plates, knife/knives, spoon, fork, once, twice, three times

REVIEW – 3 - 4

§  Vocabulario de las Unidades 3 y 4
§  Lenguaje instrumental de juegos
§  Otras palabras: hairdryer, odd one out
§  Pronunciación: van, ban, vat, bat, vet, bet, vote, boat, be blinded, venomous, bow, vow

§  Mar: the sea, rescue, dolphin, mermaid, seal, turtle, mammal, crab, lobster, coral, jellyfish, octopus, squid, reef, baleen whale, beluga whale, penguin, killer whale, blue whale
§  Acuario: aquarium, tank, clownfish, parrotfish
§  Historia: quicksand, universe
§  Cadenas alimenticias: food chain, plant plankton, animal plankton, producer, consumer, habitat, baleen whale, predator, prey
§  Diagramas: diagram, food webs, complicated
§  Otras palabras: think of, blanket, one of the best days I’ve ever had, all I need to know, brain, zooplankton, Great Barrier Reef, I’m the only person, good one, dad, phytoplankton, zooplankton, text, dream, delay, search, straighten, whale, treat with tenderness, looked a mess, stared into space, the underground, pavement, lost his balance, run into someone, that’s just crazy.
§  Repaso: criaturas marinas, alimentos, partes del cuerpo de los animales, unidades de medida, números, energy, nature, polar bear, comida, bebidas

§  Determinantes: some, any, no, every, someone, anyone, no-one, everyone, something, anything, nothing, everything, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, everywhere, somewhere else
§  Aficiones: hobby, clothes design, bike trail, chess, beatbox, free running, skateboard, mountain bike, board games, album
§  Música: music, melody, tempo, harmony, pop music, opera, classical, costumes, jazz, improvisation, rock, bass guitar, rap, complicated, hip hop, break dancing, download, songwriter, album, charts, trumpet
§  Otras palabras: rocket, exhibition, design, Madonna, expect, no tricks, stairs, Kukulchan, Chichen Itza, graffiti art, Abba, Bruce Springsteen, E Street Band, Grammy Prizes, Shakira, Colombia, Louis Armstrong
§  Repaso: actividades de tiempo libre, aficiones y hobbies, problem, concert, guitar, singer, musical note

REVIEW – 5 - 6

§  Vocabulario de las unidades 5 y 6
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos
§  Repaso: deportes, aficiones


§  Ropa y moda: clothes, dress sense, material, cotton, wool, viscose, acrylic, fashion, fashion extra, button, decorate, umbrella, shorts, loves, belt, pocket, tights, cloth, tattoo, factory, bark, headdress, earrings, silk worm, moccasin, tunic, BC, needle, loom, thread, uniform, stripe, helmet, mask
§  Otras palabras: (cold) enough, as (conjunction), I can’t decide, thief/thieves, century, mirror, liquid, rubber trees, chewing gum, Native north Americans, a flannel shirt, to dye your hair, eye-liner, nail varnish, baggy shorts, skinny jeans, women, children, noisy, old-fashioned, dyed, studded, skinny, eyebrows, eyeliners
§  Repaso: prendas de vestir y ropa, familia, profesiones, adjetivos, sew, protect, left, right, preposiciones, protect colores, elementos de la apariencia física, países, nombres plurales


§  Adverbios: just, yet, already
§  Nacionalidades y capitales
§  Historia de Inglaterra y de la lengua inglesa: invade, Romans, Roman, Latin, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans, Arabic, Cyrillic
§  Expresiones latinas
§  Prefijos y sufijos: languages, prefix, suffix, telescope, television, teletext, telephone, root word, mega, tri, bi
§  Otras palabras: euros, tidy, to pack, The Opera House, Sydney; Sydney Harbour Bridge, Hindi, Bollywood, Tour de France, Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, Sorbonne University, field, Interpol, Devanagari, Don’t get mad!, It’s hard being a kid!, The thoughest job on Earth!
§  Repaso: países, ciudades, idiomas, adjetivos, nacionalidades, números ordinales, familia, something, lunchtime

REVIEW – 7 - 8

§  Vocabulario de las unidades 7 y 8
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos
§  Pronunciación (/θ /, /ð / y /d/): bath, bad, fifth, word, kid, mad, worth, bird, earth, birth, there, myth, then, bed, dad, there, dare