§  Present simple para hablar de rutinas
§  Like + ing, ‘d like para hablar de gustos y preferencias
§  Partículas interrogativas, respuestas cortas, so, before
§  Nombres de los personajes
§  Colegio: school, school subjects, second language, dictionary, exam, timetable, alpahabet, syllable
§  Puntuación: capital letter, full stop
§  Preposiciones: at, before, on, in
§  Vocabulario en la story: Diggory Bones, dig rocks, stones, archaeology, archaeologist, sir, dinosaur, skeleton, ancient, the Rosetta Stone, program
§  Otras palabras: We all agree that … , We all want that … , hockey, map, School of Archaeology, classes, Egyptian hieroglyphics
§  Repaso: deportes, actividades, colegio, adjetivos superlativos, asignaturas escolares, la hora, neck, bone, museum, adjetivos
§  Horas: time, o’clock, past, to, midnight
§  Televisión: TV programmes, cartoon, weather, documentary, comedy, news, quiz, sport, series, TV channel, episode, music videos, action films, TV screen, cameraman, reporter
§  Adjetivos en forma comparativa y superlativa: interesting, exciting, boring, good, bad, funny
§  Verbos: turn on, wait
§  Animación: longest running, animation, image, frames, cells, hand drawn, per second, clear plastic, save time, movements, method, special techniques, are made, were made, are needed, were needed, are called, could, artist, prefer, comic, animated,  flipbook, less (drawing), introduction, find out, sound, 3D
§  Repaso: nombres de personajes, programas de televisión, sugerencias, golf, días de la semana, asignaturas escolares, deportes, adjetivos, las horas, Present continuous, Past simple, Present simple
§  Otras palabras: just in time, webpage, not my thing, the rest, until, the swings, ring,
      wing, wrong, thief, password, treasure, of course, resting, distressing, chew, alone,
      amazing, the underground, mealtimes, fighting, annoying, a waste of time,
     believe, idioms, approve, alarm clock


§  Trabajos y profesiones: nurse, firefighter, teacher, dentist, driver, skater, writer, singer, painter, photographer, farmer, tennis player, runner, swimmer, actor, pilot, police officer, journalist, footballer. Cook, mechanic, sports commentator, secretary, typist, scientist
§  Partículas interrogativas: where, who, when, what time
§  Dientes: teeth, brush (her) teeth, toothbrush, hog, milk teeth, permanent, molars, wisdom teeth, incisors, canines, premolars, chew, tear, flat(ter), swallow, crown, root, gum, enamel, twice, tusk, lose
§  Higiene bucal: tooth care, sugary, healthy, diet, rinse, cavity, circular, fluoride, tongue, vinegar, hard boiled eggs, minerals, acid
§  Otras palabras: burn down, exhibition, show, good rules, diary, novel, overall, uniform, mask, lie down, clown, dentistry, between, experiment, then, lastly, next, bubble
§  Repaso: actions, verbs for daily routines, sports, telling the time, adverbs, am, pm, character names, animals, food

Repaso Unidades 1 – 2

§  La hora, programas de televisión, asignaturas escolares, rutinas diarias, dibujos animados, profesiones y trabajos, los dientes, higiene bucal
§  Adjetivos y adverbios
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos
§  False friends: history, story, languages, subject, pass an exam
§  Spelling: piece, receive, interview, review, believe, friend


§  Direcciones: (on the) right, left, straight on, (at/on the) corner past, across, along, turn, outside, at the end of
§  Lugares comunes en una ciudad: police station, theatre, post office, airport, restaurant, museum, castle, prison
§  Londres: Scotland Yard, Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare, Trafalgar Square, Penny Black, Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, ‘The knowledge’
§  Historia: continent, Stone Age, cavemen, industrial revolution, capital, republic, empire
§  Ciudades y continentes: New York, Tokyo, Italy, North America, Asia, Europe, Japan, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Australia, France, Moscow, Cairo, Saint Petersburg
§  Stratford-upon-Avon: Stratford-upon-Avon, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, William Shakespeare
§  Descripción de imágenes: in the background, in the foreground, on the left, on the right, at the top, at the bottom.
§  Expresiones de futuro: tomorrow, tonight, next week, next month
§  Otras palabras: be lost, Scotland Yard, black cab, deer, play, stamps, were sold, were executed, are called, queen, ancient world, cave, mountains, Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley, Amazon Valley, a gusty, blustery day, fuss, sand dunes, to jump up, were supposed to … , a waste of time, went away, miners, jogging, llamas, collect, toothache, borrow
§  Repaso: vocabulario de la ciudad, la hora, preposiciones, trabajos, profesiones, familia, colores, sun, fun, bus, cat, cut, bag, read, write, farm, ambulance, bookshop, library, school, café, coffee, football, volleyball, small, tall, kite, office, grandparents, zoo, lions, giraffes, side


§  Elementos naturales: disaster, storm, island, beach, lightning, iceberg, electrical storm, hurricane, volcano, earthquake, tsunami
§  Volcanes: volcano, volcanoes, erupt, liquid rock, gas, layer, crust, continental crust, oceanic crust, plates, plate boundary, seismometer, tectonic, magma, countries, lava, crater, vent, baking soda
§  Meses del año
§  Otras palabras: catch fire, striped, tights, feel ill, Titanic, Hindenburg, diary, is called, too dangerous, new year, Canis Major, Sirius
§  Repaso: tiempo atmosférico, adjetivos, las horas, actividades diarias, actividades de ocio, fechas

Repaso Unidades 3 – 4


§  Vocabulario de la ciudad: direcciones, lugares comunes en una ciudad, ciudades y continentes, elementos y desastres naturales, volcanes, terremotos y tsunamis
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos
§  False Friends: place / square bookshop / library school / college café / coffee car park jogging
§  Double ‘l’: million, football, syllable, collect, small, volleyball, tall, llamas
§  Otras palabras: Manchester, Manchester United, Liverpool, Lowry Museum, JS Lowry


§  Materiales: brick, white chocolate, sugar, rubber, fur, paper, bone, wood, stone, grass, leaves, hair, rock, animal hair, plastic, gold, wool, metal, minerals, manmade materials, the ground, sand, bear, plastic, basic material, celluloid, nylon, polyethylene, biodegradable, made of, made from
§  Verbos: cover, protect, drop, recycle, decompose, throw away, last, reuse, sort, dry, melt down, should, shouldn’t
§  Otras palabras: inside out, special, factory, precious, palace, watchdog, diagram, packaging, third, piece of, squash, flow chart, process, safe, healthy, wage, wood, honey, jewellery, expensive, earrings, villages, get a good price, basic, clean water, perfume, tea, sugar cane, yesterday, last night, last Saturday, born, late for school, boxer, playground, bank robber
§  Repaso: comidas, animales, adjetivos, ropa, objetos comunes, objetos de la casa, números, países, farmers, schools, hospitals, trainers, cans of cola, meses, números ordinales, play basketball, buy chocolate, thousand, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, supermarket, cupboard


§  Sentidos: senses, touch, taste, smell, light, hearing
§  Verbos: feel like, taste like, smell like, look like, sound like
§  Receta: recipe, ingredients, flour, salt, pepper, green pepper, knife, fork, spoon, plate, salami, sausage, onion, topping, yeast, mix, dough, base, pasta, hole, mix.
§  Ilusiones ópticas: brain, optical illusion, study/look more closely/carefully, curtains.
§  Otras palabras: scissors, in common, poem, diamond, diamante, halves, parts of speech, a trap, Octavio Ocampo, Salvador Dalí, Mae West, Human Condition, René Magritte, citizen, suspicious, amphibian, thief, tease, twice, slice, bends, salamander, zoo keeper, peace, prize, wise, covering news, I’m reporting, last week
§  Repaso: adjetivos, materiales, comidas y bebidas, el cuerpo humano, comparativos, ropa, horas, science club, party, need, Stara, finish, peas, knees, cheese, please, nice, friends, price, best, rest

Repaso Unidades 5 – 6

§  Vocabulario de las unidades 5 y 6
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos

Repaso: deportes UNIDAD 7 NATURAL WORLD

§  Mundo natural: natural world, nature, rubbish, path, lake, bull, bear, cow, tree, field, forest, female, male, bat, riverbank, habitat
§  Especies en peligro de extinción: endangered species, stripes, spots, zebra, protect, collect, critically endangered, rainforest, wing, extinct, butterfly, national park, poison, in danger
§  Dinosaurios: dinosaur, asteroid, species, climate, disease, die out, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Quagga, Thylacine
§  Fósiles: fossils, fossilised, footprint, track, muscle, organ, soft (parts of the body), knead
§  Otras palabras: is after me, Siberia, Russia, China, Indonesia, Lehmann, Colombia, Taiwan, pound, rucksack, Queen Hetepheres, outer space, theory, soundboard, vibrations, jaw, degree in biology, TV role, Federal agent, a special rod, good relations, different races, subtitles, cornea, retina, optic nerve, diabetes, cataracts, bank notes, coin, go to bed early, do exercise, sunglasses, the woods, copy
§  Repaso: materiales, animales salvajes, campo, ropas, tiempo atmosférico, so (hot), sun cream, verbos de acciones, adverbios, animales, adjetivos comparativos, colores, adjetivos, partes del cuerpo, singer, actress, autumn, glasses, medicine, menu, traffic light, objects and places, play the piano, dentist, drink water, clean your teeth, swim, skate, poster, flour, clowns


§  Deportes: sports, golf, athletics, snowboarding, skiing, sledging, handball
§  Estaciones: seasons, hill, spring, summer, autumn, winter
§  Competiciones: tournament, event
§  Juegos Olímpicos: Olympic Games,  Paralympics, logo, wreath, olive tree, design, medal, silver, gold, bronze, back, 24-carat gold, % per cent, dragon, are made, committee
§  Otras palabras: adult, invent, bat, racket, tandem, race against the clock, must, Nike, stadium, jade, precious stone, diameter, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere
§  Repaso: deportes, competiciones deportivas, escuela, números ordinales, verbos de acción, tiempo atmosférico, materiales, fechas, meses, colores, estaciones, adjetivos, ropa

Repaso Unidades 7 – 8

§  Vocabulario de las unidades 7 y 8
§  Lenguaje instrumental para los juegos.
§  Descripción de imágenes: in the foreground, in the background, in the centre, on the left, on the right, on the left of, on the right of
§  -gh: laugh, weigh, enough, although ,cough, through
§  Repaso: descripciones, ropa, actividades, comida, indicaciones para desplazarse